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2022-11-11 23:24:00

The year 2022 is finally coming!

In the list compiled by the editorial department of 1905 Film Network last year, you can continue to review the films that have not yet been released (175! Please collect this list of the most noteworthy Chinese films in 2021), and this year's Chinese films will be more exciting and heavy.

Here, we have carefully selected and listed 200 new domestic films worth looking forward to this year. Which one do you want to see most? Look down!

(Friendly tip: "Ten thousand meter long article" is coming, please prepare enough time to read it.)

Northeast Tiger

Director: Geng Jun

Starring: Zhang Yu/Ma Li

Release time: January 14, 2022

The first good film of the new year is coming! "The Northeast Tiger" won the Golden Jubilee Award for the best film at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival and was praised by the judges as "a symbolic comedy that shows the life state of ordinary people and their yearning for the future".

Directed by Geng Jun, Zhang Yu and Ma Li play a middle-aged couple in a marriage crisis against the backdrop of an icy northeastern town. The film reflects the helpless fate of contemporary people with mixed tragedies and absurd colors.


Director: Wen Muye

Starring actors: Yiyang Qianxi/Tian Yu/Chen Halin/Qi Xi

Release time: February 1, 2022 (New Year's Day)

After his maiden work "I am not the God of Medicine", Wen Muye's second feature film still focuses on social reality, telling the story of a brother who organized a group of ordinary people to work together in Shenzhen to save his sister's life.

In addition to "I'm not the God of Medicine", Wen Muye once again proved his creative strength with the short film "Escort" in "Me and My Motherland". The audience has no doubt about the quality of "Miracle", but they are curious about whether the film can realize the box office miracle again. The leading actor Yiyang Qianxi will have a great chance to become the first post-00s actor whose box office has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Whether he can be nominated as the best actor of the Golden Rooster Award for three consecutive years by virtue of this film is the biggest question left by the film.

The Four Seas

Director: Han Han

Starring: Liu Haoran/Liu Haocun/Shen Teng

Release time: February 1, 2022 (New Year's Day)

This is Han Han's third visit to the Spring Festival.

From the current preview, the film is full of "Korean elements" - cold humor, racing cars, golden sentences... These elements are put together. What new chemical elements will there be this time?

In terms of actors, he and Shen Teng have cooperated for the second time. I wonder if they can copy the success of "Life at a Fast Speed"? The new generation of actors Liu Haoran and Liu Haocun may be a surprise.

The Super Family

Director: Song Yang

Starring: Allen/Shen Teng/Tao Hui/Zhang Qi

Release date: February 1, 2022 (New Year's Day)

This is the first time that the Happy fried dough twist brand came out of the mountain after Half a Comedy, and it is also the first time to enter the Spring Festival. The director Song Yang once again cooperated with Allen and Shen Teng after "The Ashamed Iron Fist", and chose a fantasy theme, which is said to contain 1700 special effect shots, creating the most special effect investment in fried dough twist's history.

Zheng Qian, played by Allen, will unite with his super capable family to fight with Mayor Qiqikov, played by Shen Teng. Shen Teng's villain setting is interesting, and the Northeast and Russian elements are also very brilliant.

Allen has made it clear that the "content" is absolutely guaranteed, but fried dough twist still needs to use the "laughing fruit" to play the unstable happy.


Director: Zhang Yimou/Zhang Mo

Starring: Chen Yongsheng/Zhang Yu/Zhang Yi

Release time: February 1, 2022 (New Year's Day)

"Sniper" is Zhang Yimou's first film to enter the Spring Festival stage since he was filmed. Different from "Changjin Lake", the film chooses to focus on the small. With the "Cold Gun and Cold Gun Movement" as the story background, it shows the deadly battle between the volunteer sniper team and the American elite sniper team from the perspective of small incision.

Continuing the snow feature of Above the Cliff, the old schemer continued to show a large area of white color aesthetics in the film. How to shoot intense sniper action scenes in a single scene space is the biggest attraction.

The Killer Is Not Cool

Director: Xing Wenxiong

Starring: Ma Li/Wei Xiang

Release time: February 1, 2022 (New Year's Day)

Instead of watching the comedy type, watch the title, and add the word "quiet" to "the killer is not too cold", which is obviously funny. Since January, Ma Li has continued to dominate the big screen, while Wei Xiang, the main actor of Happy fried dough twist, is playing a leading role in the Spring Festival for the first time.

The film is adapted from the film "Magic Moment" by Yuxi Miyani. Wei Xiang, a dragon actor, meets Milan, a famous actress played by Ma Li. What interesting stories will happen to them in the "middle game" of the drama?

I really want to go to your world and love you

Director: Sun Lin

Starring: Zhou still/Shi Boyu/Qi Shenghan

Release date: February 14, 2022

The fantasy love sketch that locks in Valentine's Day is set to be that the brains of the hero and heroine are connected due to an accident, which opens a wonderful synaesthesia experience. The relationship between the two has also progressed from forced binding to two-way rush.

Shi Boyu and Zhou are still 95 years old. The former was named for "Want to See You", and the latter participated in the drama "The Sky of the Wind Dog Teenager". The CP of "Mo Junjie is very charming" is also a big selling point.

"Ten Year Best Product"

Director: Zhao Fei

Starring: Ding Yuxi/Ren Min/Li Zefeng/Wang Chuan

Release date: February 14, 2022

The novel of the same name by Cangsheng Shuhai, "Ten Years, One Product as Warm as Words", is the "shoulder of romantic novels" in the minds of many readers, which also brings pressure for adaptation.

Ding Yuxi has gained a great reputation because of his "sullen face" and "rumoured Chen Qianqian". Ren Min has always been one of the most popular post95s. However, after the exposure of the selected roles, it is inevitable that the voices that do not conform to the original work will also be heard.

Don't Forget I Love You

Director: Huang Zhenzhen

Starring: Gulee Naza/Liu Yihao

Release time: February 14, 2022

"Tonight CP" has been set up again!

From the perspective of various materials, the cooperation between Gulina and Liu Yihao is full of sweetness. This kind of emotion has also injected expectations into this love film. The original name of the film is "The Stolen Tomorrow", which is a "sister story" of "The Five Years of Stolen" directed by director Huang Zhenzhen.

It is everyone's good expectation of "love" that love will never be beyond its shelf life. The film is currently scheduled for Valentine's Day, which must be the first film for lovers to take advantage of the festival atmosphere.

The Cloister Pavilion

Director: Lai Mukuan

Starring: Ren Suxi/Liu Mintao

Release time: March 18, 2022

The Pavilion of the Cloister is the only story described from the female perspective in the novels of Keiwu Dongye, and it has become a popular adaptation of domestic films and TV programs. It has not only produced a drama version, but also produced this film version.

Ren Suxi plays the lawyer who loves to find the truth, and Liu Mintao plays the mysterious housekeeper, who is female+suspense. Two actors who have received much attention from the market in recent years play together.

The Last Truth

Director: Li Taige

Starring: Huang Xiaoming/Yan Ni/Tu Men

Release time: April 2, 2022

This is Huang Xiaoming's first production supervised work. Although the film is directed by the new director Li Taige, Huang Xiaoming, Yan Ni and Tu Men and other powerful actors are co starring in the film. In the story, the lawyer and the client "fight secretly", just like the film title, what is the truth? It may only be known at the end of the film.

It is worth noting that the film is the posthumous work of the performance artist Tu Men. Maybe for those who like his performance, they will have the opportunity to experience his performance like a needle in the big screen.

Life Events

Director: Liu Jiangjiang

Starring: Zhu Yilong/Wang Ge

Release time: April 2, 2022

This is a veritable "Tomb Sweeping Day movie", focusing on the funeral industry with rare themes. It tells the story of Zhu Yilong's undertaker who met an orphan after he was released from prison and changed his life from then on.

Han Yan acted as the supervisor, continuing the thinking on death and life in "Go away! The cancer king" and "Give you a little red flower". It should be another warmhearted healing film with tears.


Director: Xu Wei/He Wenchao

Starring: Feng Shaofeng/Tao Hong/Huang Jue/Tu Songyan

Release date: April 2, 2022

Tao Hong acted as the producer and starred in person. It was her comeback after leaving the big screen for many years, and it was also her re cooperation with Feng Shaofeng after 14 years. Director Xu Wei has brought the suspense crime film again since "The Ice River Chases the Murderer".

The film starts from a robbery and homicide case, involving three parallel cases, including layers of inversion and kinship elements. This project has won the "Most Commercial Potential Project Award" of Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital.


Director: Mai Zhaohui

Starring: Huang Jingyu/Bai Baihe/Wang Likun/Wang Qianyuan

Release date: April 30, 2022

The film is the hottest anti mafia theme in recent two years. It is adapted from real cases and mainly tells the story of how prosecutors act in the fight against crime. It is the first commercial crime film focusing on Chinese prosecutors.

The producers of "Prosecutorial Storm" include the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, which is the first time to test the big screen after the popular dramas such as "The Name of the People" and "The Name of the Law". Director Mai Zhaohui has cooperated with Zhuang Wenqiang in the Infernal Affairs and the eavesdropping series.
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